House Points at Hilldene

At Hilldene, children are encouraged to 'Strive to be Better'. The school House system supports their work, fostering a healthy attitude towards competition as well as having fun with their peers from other classes.

There are four school Houses: Oak, Sycamore, Willow and Ash. Your child will be allocated a House when he or she joins. Throughout the year each House forms part of the classroom dynamics; classroom rewards, organised year group events alongside a wide variety of annual school events: Subject competitions, math's quizzes and sports days to name but a few.

Each House has its own House colour: red for Oak, green for Sycamore, yellow for Willow and blue for Ash. For sporting events children are encouraged to wear their house colours.

Each year House Captains are elected, with responsibility for organising representatives for each event. All the competitions whether sporting, academic or cultural contribute house points towards the House Cup which is awarded to the winning Captains at the end of year assembly.

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