First News Newspaper

First News Newspaper delivered every Friday in print or digitally covering politics to entertainment, sports to science and everything in between, the First News newspaper has become a weekly staple for young people in more than 9,000 schools and thousands of homes across the country and internationally because of its recognised success in engaging children with reading news while improving their core literacy levels.

Created for children between the ages of 7 and 14, available as both print and digital editions, First News contains both bite-sized news and in-depth special reports, appealing to different reader types and levels. With no political affiliations, First News upholds a balance between positive stories and hard-hitting news, cultivating a love of learning about the world while providing reassuring context to more complex topics.

Using news as a foundation to learning develops children's ability to identify and understand the way facts are presented, explore detail in-depth and evaluate information accurately, a crucial skill for exam preparation. First News not only progresses these academic skills but supports children's personal and emotional development, growing their confidence and expanding their knowledge, empathy and global awareness.