Hilldene Home Hub

Welcome to the Hilldene Home Hub. From here you can access various resources we are using to support pupils learning from home. Remote education information for all parents can be found here - Remote Education Information.

Our school will be using Google Classroom (G Suite) along with Class Dojo as a platform to set work for home learning. To access the resources your child will need thier G Suite username and password provided by the school, and be linked to their class for class dojo (please speak to the class teacher for your code).

To access Google Classroom:

Go to classroom.google.com (we recommend doing this on a laptop, but this can also be accessed by downloading the following apps on a tablet or phone if needed: Google Docs & Google Classroom). Please note that you may need to sign out of your personal Google accounts before signing into Google Classroom (see the FAQ below).

Login using the @hilldene.havering.sch.uk email address and password given to your child. (example: Username: username@hilldene.havering.sch.uk Password: 1234)

Select your child's class and select 'classwork' at the top. This is where your child's teacher will post activities and lessons.

Please submit your child's work using the 'turn in' button within the assignment.

We do recognise that this may not be fully accessible to all families and that there may be technical difficulties accessing and completing the work online. To address this, we may provide children with exercise books that the work can be completed in (simply use the 'private comment' section to let your child’s teacher know they have completed the work in their exercise book). Additionally, you may upload a photo of your child’s work using the 'turn in' function.

Google Classroom link: classroom.google.com

Google Classroom Help & Support: support.google.com/edu/classroom

FAQ G Suite / Google Classroom

To access the Google Classroom you may need to sign out of your other Google accounts.

This link will help you sign out of any existing Google accounts

Tap the round icon on the top-right of the page and 'Sign out of all accounts' or 'Add another account'. You should then be able to log on with the username and password provided by the school.


If you have the 'Drive' app installed on your device, open the app and tap the circle top right, 'add another account' then log in with the school Google details. You will then be able to access the resources.

FAQ Class Dojo

To access Class Dojo you will be provided a code for your child which you can enter into the site linked above. If you have not been provided a code please contact the class teacher.

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