Home Learning

Supporting your child with their learning at home, especially in these uncertain times where school is usually an integral part of everyday life is going to be challenging for all involved. It is important that children continue to work on some key skills and learning whilst away from school but also have time to play and rest.

You can make it easier by:

  • Letting your child know what work is going to be completed during the session so that your child knows what's coming.
  • Being clear about which time is with an adult and which is independent.
  • Being kind to yourself and realistic about what you can do.

Some of you are working from home, are key workers going into work or have multiple children at home. There many reasons not to expect your house/home to be an actual school right now so please don't set your expectations too high.

For each year group, we have provided enough work for 3 weeks of home learning.

There is no need to print any work, simply read from the screen and write answers in to the exercise book previously given with pack 1.

Per day we suggest:

  • One piece of mathematics
  • One piece of writing (literacy)
  • A reading activity (literacy)
  • A set time working on a foundation subject activity (PE, Geography, Science, problem solving etc.)

There is also a list of recommended websites and learning links that you can browse and use to supplement the learning tasks, please click here.

Keeping your child(ren) safe online

As parents and carers you may choose to support your child(ren)'s home learning with websites, online companies and in some cases individual tutors. It is important when doing so to secure online support from a reputable organisation/individual who can provide evidence that they are safe and can be trusted to have access to children.

The following online safety websites may assist you:

Home Learning - Pack 4

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