Year 5 Homework

Friday 23rd October

Each Friday this page will be updated with the current homework task that has been set for year 5 pupils

Literacy Homework

Copy out the spellings for the week each day.(click here) This week’s spelling rule: Common Exception Words.

Maths Homework


The children have been entered into the Havering Schools competition. Please log on to Sumdog here.

By the end of Year 5, children are expected to know and rapidly recall all times tables and division facts up to 12.

This week Year 5 are recapping the 2, 10 and 12 times table.

Also, the children need to learn square numbers up 12:

1x1= 1, 2x2 = 4, 3x3= 9, 4x4= 16,

5x5 = 25, 6x6= 36, 7x7= 49, 8x8= 64,

9x9= 81, 10x10= 100, 11x11= 121, 12x12= 144

Please log onto TTRockstars here

To practice the times table set, please play the Garage section.

Thank you

The Year 5 team