Message to Parents 23.10.20


Our Vision

At Hilldene Primary School we treat every child as a unique individual with their own abilities, talents and needs. We are committed to providing strong pastoral care, enabling each child to flourish, develop self-esteem and continually strive to be better.

Throughout the school we encourage a positive, determined and resilient approach to learning and aspire for every child's experience of school to be happy and rewarding. We aim to encourage curiosity, develop independence and challenge children's thinking.

We expect our children to show respect to others and, as they progress through the school to take increasing responsibility for their own actions. A high priority is placed on children learning the difference between right and wrong.

We are proud that the positive relationships we establish with our families and members of the wider community enables children, when they leave Hilldene Primary School, to have developed into hard working and caring young people who are confident to embrace the challenges of the future.

  • To provide a safe, caring and disciplined environment where each child develops self esteem and feels valued.

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum where each child enjoys learning and continually strives to be better.

  • To help each child understand the difference between right and wrong and show respect, tolerance, and good manners to others.

  • To provide opportunities for staff and governors to develop as learners, working together for the benefit of each child.

  • To develop a positive relationship between home, school and the wider community in order to raise standards and develop pride in our school.